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Schrodinger Thought Inside the Box


The “uncertainty principal” states that particles behave differently when they are observed, than when they are not; the observer changes the particle’s behavior. “Superposition” says that a particle can exist in all of it’s theoretical possible states at the same time. Basically, when nobody notices a particle, it exists in all possible realities simultaneously until someone notices. Weird, huh?  Read More…

Money Monster – A Well-Acted, Wasted Opportunity


Man, I wanted to love “Money Monster” when I saw the preview. I really did. It had a chance to really say something about the financial system and how it fucks people left & right. But it failed in that message because it was too busy trying too hard. I’ll explain later. And with that, here is the review!    **MINOR SPOILERS**  Read More…


Super Powers from a Spider’s Ass

Spider Guy Blog

Fritz Vollrath is a zoologist with a spider fetish. His research takes place on the rooftop of Oxford University, United Kingdom. Vollrath doesn’t understand why people are afraid of arachnids. I do. I mean, they’re only eight-eyed, pointy-legged, venomous dinosaur-age monsters shit straight from the bowels of hell, right? What’s so scary about any of that?  Read More…

Ok, Cupid, What you got?

Ok Cupid

I recently decided to create an online dating profile, because my love life has devolved into chronic sobbing and a discount card for a company that sells D batteries in bulk. So I looked around, got some google-generated advice, and set out to make myself look better on paper than the recently separated, work-a-holic clusterfuck I really am.  Read More…