• RT @LaurelleMartin: The human body is not vulgar, offensive nor obscene. It is beautiful and there should be no shame associated with it. h…6 days ago
  • There has to be some light in all this darkness. #light #HadNoFuckingIdea8 days ago
  • Taco Bell is blamed for our nations poor health but if you think about it, they are the number one leader in fighting constipation.@Laurelle9 days ago
  • Today is a good day to be creative. Make something cool.9 days ago
  • @LukeSevereid I take off my dress for comedy.9 days ago
  • When does heartbreak stop? I cannot numb this with all the glitter in the world. No drug, drink or success is helping. #love #hurt24 days ago
  • Zero hour has arrived. There's no more sand in the hour glass. Go! Go! Go! Do that thing you need to do, follow your heart. #moveforward36 days ago
  • I still see her face in my dreams. All is lost as it's meant to be. Show me the way to forgive; to let go. #SleepingBeauty36 days ago
  • Pro Tip: when picking out an engagement ring... Don't.37 days ago
  • It's easy to be bitter. That's why I'm bitter. #rainbows&puppies40 days ago


Dream Of Otherworldly Things

Often I dream of fantastical and otherworldly things. Most lately though, I dream of a woman. Her words make me wince and writhe; her gaze pierces my chest like a…

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Broken teeth were scattered over Timothy’s floor, blood covered everything. This inhumane scene was slightly illuminated by the dim glow of a laptop. Figurines of action heroes and…

Little Red Harlequin

Threw yourself away, you let the world violate you; let them degrade, humiliate and splay you before them. You’ve become a spectacle at your pinnacle. Harlequin, Little Red Harlequin, I…

The Gift Of Yang

The Gift of Yang I cried a lot as a child but I’ve shed more tears as an adult. Recently television has shown me the image of a child, the…


Today I found myself sitting on a beach in Perth, Australia. It’s a long way from the dilapidated, insect ridden rural trailer in which I was raised and a great…

“Look At This Mess!” Article

Look At This Mess Originally printed in the “Food For Thought” edition; Jan 2001, Pg. 63 Lesley sat at the kitchen table with tears welling up in her large green eyes….

A Thought On Heartbreak

I like women more than I will ever like men. Aside from father figures, a man has never broken my heart; he doesn’t possess the capability. He can punch, kick…

I See You

            “I see you,” she said “I see you too,” I said Swathed by infatuation, looking into one another’s eyes to capture some veracious impression…


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