• It's almost time!yesterday
  • I see her ghost everywhere. Bottle the tears and dip your pen in them.13 days ago
  • Sometimes the pain you carry can hurt others. Be strong and heal your wounds so they don't keep causing pain for you or those you love.21 days ago
  • The stars should be much brighter. I'm going to find somewhere further up in life so I can see them. I want to touch them.22 days ago
  • You want to be a man? Be vulnerable, that's the way to be strong.23 days ago
  • The girl at the track wanted to name me Cranberry Boy. I think I dig it. days ago
  • Go Kart, swimming and a party. Meeting new people and feeling healthy. I'm going to enjoy summer.34 days ago
  • Dear people at the gym lounging on the equipment eating chips. I hate you. #gym #workout34 days ago
  • One day at a time, I'm fucking dying for you. The decay of a mind, when dying's all you can do. One day at a time, I am living for you.35 days ago
  • The men's room is out of order so now the women's room is officially disgusting. #manpoops #grabamop36 days ago


“Look At This Mess!” Article

Look At This Mess Originally printed in the “Food For Thought” edition; Jan 2001, Pg. 63 Lesley sat at the kitchen table with tears welling up in her large green eyes….

A Thought On Heartbreak

I like women more than I will ever like men. Aside from father figures, a man has never broken my heart; he doesn’t possess the capability. He can punch, kick…

I See You

            “I see you,” she said “I see you too,” I said Swathed by infatuation, looking into one another’s eyes to capture some veracious impression…

Laughspin Article: Blue Eyes On The Bay

Blue Eyes On The Bay: How an ill-fated live comedy show led to love Last year a group of Sacramento-based comics and I drove to San Francisco to hit some…

“Art In The Alehouse” Article

I’m posting this for those of you who missed my article in Savage Henry Magazine. It was written for their Art edition. Please enjoy and share if you like it. Stand…

Roseville Tribune Interview

Never mind that my last name was misspelled, curing cancer is more likely than getting the spelling correct, but rest assured they are referring to me. Interestingly, the promo pictures were pulled from…

Dark Comedy Live (Press Release)

Brand new press release for live comedy taping in Sacramento, California.                                      …

The Misanthropic Gospel

I wrote this when I was twenty three years old. I felt it was decent enough to rerelease. I hope you enjoy it. Please subscribe to me on Youtube, Facebook…


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