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Meet the Crew

It’s amazing what a couple of people and a rubber duck can accomplish.

Angry Bench After 3 resized

Andrew Ouellette

Author, Comedian, and lovable anti-hero, Andrew Ouellette is the charismatic driving force behind American Failure, mad genius and dude who secretly likes kittens. The narcissist insisted we put his name first so he could pretend to be as Internet famous as Jenna Marbles.

Traversing the world performing Stand Up Comedy in every diminutive shit-kicker town and piss-drenched dive bar ever built has given him the experience necessary to speak like a poet with Tourette syndrome.  A bit of a potty-mouth, Ouellette is prone to use the word “fuck” more often than he inhales, if for no other reason than to weed out the bible thumpers and pantywaists.






Mr. Quincy Q. Duck

Producer, camera-quack, editor, philosopher, omni-potent being, master vegetarian, sex addict, yogi, amateur chemist, quantum theorist, and the best rubber duck on the internet today.  There’s no way any of this could exist without him.

Rumored to have been born in the Himalayan mountains, Mr. Duck is the quick-witted glue binding this unlikely pack of miscreants together.  He speaks only to those who are willing to listen, but when you hear his voice your life will change forever.  Above all else, Quincy Q. is a scholar, foultarian, and duck of the times. In short, he’s a good egg.