An American Failure – Coming Soon

An American Failure – Coming Soon
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“An American Failure” is an uncompromising peek into the mind of a profoundly disturbed, suicidal alcoholic.

A full length book, replete with gorgeous artwork by the talented Blu Nouveau, and stylization by word wizard Angela Marie Wilder, is on it’s way. It has yet to be decided how we will be selling the dark piece of parental advisory, but we’ll be selling it.

Sometimes a man has problems and sometimes those problems involve shotguns, sharks, and a few drug induced fist fights. “An American Failure” is a memoir of sorts, based on the misadventures of standup comedian Andrew Ouellette. The contents are not for the faint of heart or the easily offended.

Our anti-hero, weary from a shoddy road filled with bad decisions, seeks to discover the root of his problems. Sitting down with his therapist, Mike, Andrew unearths uncomfortable truths about himself and the nature of the world he’s immersed in. Salvation may be doubtful but a re-read is certain.

“An American Failure” is not a roller-coaster ride, its a fucking tornado in a rural trailer park; tears, hysterics, and an unrelenting psychosis are all part of the recovery process.

Full book coming soon to book stores, and of course at

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