Journey to Obscurity

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The sequel to the “An American Failure” novel is also in the making. It picks right up shortly after where the first book left off. The comedian finds himself in dire straits after making the choice not to off himself in a Midwestern hotel. Our anti-hero is now stuck living with his mother at 31 years of age, working at a burger joint, instead of living the intense rock star life style he had been.

Newly sober but facing his worst fears and some strange manifestation of his darkest self, he has to make the ultimate decision on what to do next. The words of his life coach, a disabled vet with full blown PTSD and a passion for pharmaceuticals, echoes through Andrew’s head as he faces a new darkness. The American Failure returns in a brand new descent into madness and whimsy.

Unlike the first book, this novel will come with a bonus tale, a psychedelic fever dream full of horror and beauty, entitled “Phoenix Dreams”. It’s an exclusive, for those who purchase the hard copy. Coming soon.




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