Center for Spiritual Awareness Comedy Competition

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canter for spiritual awareness take 2

Andrew Ouellette has won his fair share of comedy competitions including a 2011 Tacoma Comedy Club Competition, winning a cash prize and position as regular paid host. The Lucky Derby comp was another one, beating out over 30 other comedians for the top spot.

However, one win stands out among the rest. Early 2014 – Ouellette won “Sacramento’s Last Comic Standing.” (No relation to the NBC hit show) A professional competition put on by the Center for Spiritual Awareness; a nondenominational church in West Sacramento.

Over two separate dates he beat out his many competitors from San Francisco and Northern California. Strangely, it took place in a nondenominational church, which is shocking to some since Ouellette’s style might be considered blasphemous. The prize was roughly a $1,000 purse and the title of strangest upset in the universe.

Andrew found critical acclaim but has yet to find the light.

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