Court TV: Wedding Day Disaster

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Court TV

Judge Karen – Wedding Day Disaster

Mr. Ouellette went on Court TV as a joke in 2014. He went down to the big fabulous city of Angels and found himself pretending to be in court. Admittedly it’s not his favorite television appearance ever but it is worth checking out if you’re a fan or if you feel like mocking the comedian.

Andrew plays a character named “Owen Darby” and finds himself suing his mother in law for ruining his wedding day. The mother has ridiculed his wife (played by Madison Serr) all her life and the day of the wedding was no different. In the “story line” the mother’s cruelties caused Madison to suffer stress and struggle with bulimia. Andrew’s line “She hates fat people” inspired a few fans to shout it out at shows. It caused others yet to mock his shitty television appearance.

If this appearance isn’t for you there are plenty of terrestrial radio, podcasts, local news shows he’s been on that you can watch. Including Easter Egg appearances on the Maury Show where he used to be a paid audience member. Yes, that’s a real thing. Yes, he feels shame.  Not to mention all the quotes of his he personally scrawled in truck stop bathrooms in the most obscure places across the US.

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