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There’s a new article out regarding my recent move to Sacramento, California. Tom Bickle did an excellent job with it. I’ll provide you with the transcript then a link to the website. Check it out before going about your business as usual. 


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Comedian Andrew OuelletteThe Sacramento comedy community welcomed a seasoned performer to its ranks when Andrew Ouellette arrived in early March of 2013.  The performer and producer arrives during what he describes as something of a vagabond life. Born in Syracuse, New York, he lived most recently in Washington State for five years before landing in northern California.At 28 years of age, and described on his website as a “trailer-raised, 9th-grade dropout,” Ouellette says he started out performing comedy as a street performer as early as he can remember.  Ouellette started doing comedy when he was 21 years old, and has been performing solidly in comedy clubs for about six years, performing in all 50 states and Canada.

Ouellette describes his comedic influences and heroes as “pretty standard,” including: “George Carlin, Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison. Carlin for his writing, Hicks for his passion and Kinison for his delivery. These comics are definitely my top three. When I was very young Jim Carrey and John Candy were my idols. I still love ’em.”

And performing isn’t all. Ouellette has co-produced a national tour with Morgan Preston and Portlandia’s Kristine Levine. “We didn’t go the traditional route, in a lot of instances we aggressively sought out places to perform that were unique or hadn’t had comedy before. It was probably the most stressful, intense thing I’ve ever achieved. At one point we drove into Maryland, this was at the height of Hurricane Sandy and we performed in the middle of the storm. An art gallery set up a generator and people still came to the show even though the catering service cancelled because of the safety risk. Of course we had to perform if the audience was brave enough to still show up. We became correspondents for KIRO news then we drove deeper into the storm. It only got crazier from there,” including performing in Delaware in the Hilton Ballroom for National Guard and FEMA workers.

How is Andrew taking to life in the California sun, coming from the drizzly northwest?  His outlook is positively sunny:  ”So far I’m in love with Sacramento. The comics here are helpful and talented. The clubs are fun and the weather is nice. I’m coming in from Seattle where the sky is coated in a grey film with clouds pissing cold rain all day, every day. Seasonal Affective Disorder just begging you to slit your wrists. At least in California I can walk by bright yellow fields to cheer me up. There’s a sense of romance here… and lots of Mexicans. I may be one of five white people in my neighborhood; I’m like a Natomas unicorn. I even bought corn on a stick slathered in butter and chili powder from a dude walking around the streets with a bozo horn and cooler. That’s amazing! Life is good”

And as far as the future?  The busy comic-producer isn’t letting a mellow Cali vibe slow him down, with a month-long Washington-based tour, again with Morgan Preston. This time he’ll add northwest comedy legend James Heneghen to the bill, and possibly adding a weeklong jaunt in the midwest.

On top of that, his calendar is Washington-heavy, but also includes stops in Oregon, Texas, and whattaya know, northern California! Catch him if you can!


Comedian Andrew Ouelette

Twitter: @andrewouellette

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