The Biggest Tour Ever EVER! (2012)

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50 states/50 shows/50 days

In 2012 Andrew produced and performed in a tour called the ‘Biggest Tour Ever EVER”. The concept was performing 50 shows in all fifty states in only fifty days. Yes, that include Hawaii and Alaska. He had been touring the country regularly but this was by far the most challenging thing Ouellette was up to at this point. Morgan Preston and Kristine Levine (His tour mates) provided more experience forming a comedy trio.

Challenges: fighting, going blind from reoccurring corneal abrasion, cancellations and fill in dates, etc… Most notably the tour took place right in the middle of the now infamous Hurricane Sandy – driving through it, straight into the eye of the storm, with his two tour mates Ouellette became a storm correspondent for KIRO News.

None of these obstacles stopped him form achieving the goal he set out to. By December the comedian’s plane touched down in Hawaii for the 50th show.


Art credit: King Spoit



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