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Andrew In Wonderland

August 2014 – Andrew Ouellette went to the land down under. “I fell in love with standup comedy in Australia” he says. First show was a headlining performance for 450 people and the following weeks of shows were similar. Not only was this his first overseas tour but it completely changed his thoughts on how comedy should and would be approached in his future endeavors.

When not performing shows at venues like: Subiaco Performing Arts Center, Little Creatures, Charles Hotel, Pour House and many more, Andrew explored the animal orphanages in Western Australia, confronted one of his greatest fears by swimming with great white sharks, and even found a Kangaroo bottle opener made out of a kangaroo scrotum… Okay, so not everything was cool, but most of it. It was enough to inspire the idea of a world tour, hopefully in the making soon. Shows in Japan and Ireland have been of interest… who knows, maybe even the mystical far away land of Mississippi.

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