“In All The Darkness” Teaser

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“In All The Darkness” Teaser

In 2015 Andrew Ouellette partnered up with DC Chapman and began rewriting “In All The Darkness” a script written by Ouellette. Based on a true story, the film is part of the series of books “An American Failure” and “Journey to Obscurity” coming soon.

After an 80 city tour, Ouellette met with Chapman in Seattle. The duo got to work gathering equipment and working on the script. The pair gathered a Black Magic Cinema camera, Nikon lenses, NTG2 Rode mic with lithium battery and phantom power, and Todd – DC’s ugly little French Bulldog. They set off to film in Sacramento, CA, where the story takes place. Together, the pair formed a skeleton film crew: Angela Wilder, Danny El Ray, and Jacob Shantz from the Art Institute.

It was guerilla style film making to say the least. This adventure including bringing a live shotgun into a gas station during business hours. One of the actors, who was prepping in the back room, unknowingly cocked the gun while a mother and child were shopping in the front of the store. Andrew rushed back and warned the actor, averting a potential disaster and saving the scene.

The end result is a proof of concept seen here. It garnered some interest, including a half -million dollar offer from a well-known film company in Los Angeles. Chapman and Ouellette turned down the $500,000 dollar budget to re-shoot it themselves. Stupid, right? Well, they want it done a specific way and that includes keeping Ouellette in his own film. He wasn’t willing to audition to play himself. Stay tuned.



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