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sister hazel fan video 2

A girl named “Eve” broke Andrew’s heart on a Thursday night. He was sulking in a late night diner with his friend Bryant Tarpley when he got the idea to make “magic” happen. Sort of like the way mad scientists do. “What if I hire a sky writer or send her 1,000 roses?” Bryant shook his head no. “What if I make her a music video?” Bryant’s response was brief, “No. Do not do that. That only works in shitty romantic comedies.” Andrew’s eyes lit up and he began scribbling ideas on napkins.

Sister Hazel Fan Video by Andrew Ouellette & Bryant Tarpley.

Thursday Night: Conceptualizing
Friday: Story Board & Music Selection (Special thanks to Sam Bruno for the right song.)
Saturday: Casting & Prep Work
Sunday: Filming & Editing
Monday: Presented to Girl
Tuesday: Very Happy

It worked. Andrew was with the girl of his dreams on Monday night. Mad Scientist achievement unlocked. In the end, love is a fickle thing and she ended up leaving. But hey, cool story bro.

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