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Andrew Ouellette is the quintessential American Failure; Writer, Comedian, Actor and the guy who wasn’t invited to any dance, ever. When a guy is labeled a loser he’s not expected to make something of himself, Ouellette intends to defy convention or paint a cheap motel wall with his brains art. His drug addled grey matter confetti and rainbows splattering nicely on the peeling paint and caffeinated semen-covered headboard.

A mishmash of recessive genes congealed into one deeply flawed comedian. Since his youth, the New York Native has traveled the entire country, amusing intoxicated patrons with the lighthearted side of the lurid; exploring his struggles with homelessness, addiction and clinical depression. Occasionally getting laid after shows but more often than not masturbating to spotty wifi eating pancakes in dilapidated small towns fancy hotels.

By age twenty-eight this trailer-raised 9th grade drop out had earned an American Achievement by performing 50 shows/in 50 states/in 50 days. Less than a year later he did it again. This time in only 48 days, earning the record for the Fastest US Comedy Tour. Shortly after, he headlined an international Australian tour and an 80 city U.S. tour raising money for childhood cancer research. Lately he’s been in a slew of trash television appearances that would make your mother cringe proud.  He’s also coming out with a full-length feature film entitled “In All The Darkness”.